How to Prep for Tech Interview CWS Part 2 (Packard 101)

Career Strategy Workshop: An Insider’s Guide on How to Excel in Technical Interviews
Speaker: Yongwhan Lim, Stanford CS PhD ‘11
Dates: October 5 and October 6 from 6:30pm PT to 7:30pm PT
Location: Hybrid – zooming in speaker, students meet in Packard Building, Room 101

*Must be a Stanford student. Please bring your student ID*
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Thaiphoon will be served!

Abstract: In these back-to-back two part special workshops, Yongwhan Lim will cover how to best prepare for technical interviews. On day 1, he will go through key topics that are the absolute must to pass a technical interview for an entry level software engineer. On day 2, he will cover his know-hows to impress interviewers on behavioral and system design interviews, which are critical components of technical interviews for more experienced software engineers. Since the sessions will be quite interactive, be sure to bring some of your most burning questions for Q&A where Yongwhan will try his best to share his perspectives, often citing anecdotal stories that may shed additional light on how technical interviews are conducted, both in the tech giants (e.g., Google and equivalent) and in the financial industries (e.g., Two Sigma Investments and equivalent). This will be a unique opportunity where you will have a chance to interact and connect with a software engineer who is passionate about mentoring students. Be sure to check it out!

Bio: Yongwhan Lim is Senior Quantitative Software Engineer at Two Sigma Investments, Lecturer at MIT, Associate of Computer Science at Columbia University where he is Head Coach for its ICPC team, and Visiting Instructor at Cornell-Tech. He is passionate about teaching on the topics of technical interview preparation and competitive programming. He also volunteers as Judge and Problemsetter for ICPC North America Mid-Central region and Judge for ICPC North America Qualifiers. He had been Research Software Engineer at Google for nearly six years. He pursued a PhD program in Operations Research at MIT for about three years, where he was fortunate to be supervised by Professor Asuman Ozdaglar, but decided to take a leave of absence to work at Google. He holds a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science (double major) and an MS in Computer Science both from Stanford University.

Thursday, October 6, 2022 - 6:30pm to 7:30pm